2019 Federal Election Results

Following a consistently tight race, the Trudeau Liberals have retained enough seats to govern with a strong minority in the House of Commons. This, however, still marks an important change in how the government operates and how the Liberals will govern.

Total seats: 338

Seats needed for majority: 170
















Majority vs minority

Prior to the election, the Liberals held a majority government, meaning they had more than half the seats in the House of Commons. As such, they could make decisions and pass legislation more-or-less unilaterally, and without the support or buy-in of the other elected parties. Now, with a minority, the combined seats held by members of other parties outnumber those of the Liberals. This can be challenging as opposition parties will be able to block bills from passing and becoming law. As a result, the Liberals will need to work more closely, and negotiate with other parties in order to pass legislation, as well as to maintain power.

What this means and next steps

The advocacy strategies and tactics that may have worked with a majority government will not be the same as what is needed to effectively influence a minority government and to foster success for our ask to remove the HST/GST from massage therapy services. As such, over the next several weeks we will be keeping a close eye on government as they make decisions on the composition of their Cabinet (to be announced on November 20th) and begin to set the short to medium term priorities of the newly formed government. This will help inform the development of a strong and focused strategy for how we can effectively engage with government members and their staff to move tax exemption for massage therapy forward.

Having a coordinated and focused effort will enable us to maximize our impact and improve our chances of success.