Get to know the parties and the Leaders

Andrew Scheer
Andrew Scheer is the leader of the federal Conservative Party and MP for Regina—Qu'Appelle. To date he has won five re-election campaigns and is the youngest to have held the title of Speaker in the House of Commons. He was born in Ottawa to Mary, a nurse, and James, a librarian and deacon. During his youth he worked on several political campaigns and later worked several political jobs, including working in the correspondence department of MP Stockwell Day. As leader, Scheer has promised to balance the budget, if elected. He has been outspoken on repealing the federal carbon tax and has championed removing taxes on several goods and services. Scheer is campaigning on “making life more affordable for Canadians”.

Conservative Party of Canada
The Conservative party has historically endorsed a publicly funded health care system and believe all Canadians should have reasonable access to timely, quality health care services, regardless of their ability to pay. Their approach has been to fund a needs-based program for those who do not have access to health care. They recognize the importance of wellness promotion and disease prevention to enhance health and contribute to the sustainability of our health care system. They have funded several programs that promote proactive healthy living.


Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada. He is the son of the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau has been in the political limelight since delivering the eulogy at his father’s funeral in 2000. He worked as a schoolteacher before being elected in Papineau,Quebec. As Prime Minister, he has championed women’s rights, legalization of cannabis and religious freedom. Trudeau has campaigned on “Real Changes” to help the middle class get ahead. While in power, his government has passed several notable reforms on immigration, education and the environment.

Liberal Party of Canada
The Liberal Party has been the primary changemakers in Canadian health care policy over the past 50 years. The Canada Health Act was passed by a former Liberal government to ensure access to universal health care across Canada and remains a source of pride to the governing Liberals. The Trudeau Liberals believe in good physical and mental health as the precursors to the ability to work and be productive, contributing to a strong economy and to healthier, happier lives for Canadians.



Jagmeet Singh
Before political life, Jagmeet Singh was a criminal defense lawyer. During this time, he offered pro bono services to clients and organizations in need. His experience as a lawyer inspired him to run for office. Singh has served federally and provincially, in Ontario’s legislature. Singh was also the first turban-wearing MPP in Ontario. He is an advocate for Sikh culture and heritage in the community. As leader of the New Democratic Party, Singh has advocated to raise the federal minimum wage and eliminate tax deductions available to the wealthy. He was instrumental in putting an end to the provincial practice of police carding in Ontario.

New Democratic Party
This year, the NDP released an early election platform. Some of the key points include a new deal for better health care for all Canadians aimed at tackling out-of-pocket expenses for medical care and services. In particular, the NDP have committed to extending Medicare to cover more of the services Canadians need. Singh has called this approach “head to toe healthcare”. In addition, the NDP have made broader commitments in their platform to making life more affordable for everyday Canadians.



Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May was an environmental lawyer and social justice advocate before running for office. May worked for several pro-environment organizations including the Canadian Environmental Defence Fund, Sierra Club of Canada and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. She is currently an international commission member of the Earth Charter. She has also supported the rights and freedoms of the First Nations people in Canada and the Amazon through her involvement as volunteer Executive Director of Cultural Survival Canada. As leader of the Green Party, May has introduced an instrumental private members bill to implement a national framework on Lyme disease. She is known for her leadership and ability to work across party lines.

Green Party of Canada
The Green Party of Canada is known for being champions of the natural environment, but their broader policy vision tends to be less well known. They have endorsed universal health care for all Canadians and a vision of health care that does not start and end in a hospital or clinic, but rather, attends to physical, mental and social wellbeing. The Green vision also includes policies grounded in affordability for all Canadians, whereby everyone can enjoy a productive and healthy lifestyle.