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Registered massage therapists are an important part of a patient’s health care team, working closely with allied health care providers to meet the needs of patients.  Every day, RMTs provide their patients with relief of pain, anxiety, and/or stress through massage therapy, allowing them to return to their normal, productive lives.

There are thousands of these stories and they need to be told.  Please take a moment to share your personal story about the important role RMTs play in patient's lives.  Fill out the information below to share your story.     

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Our Stories

"Massage therapists recognize a bio-psycho-social approach to the whole person advances recovery, reduces overall costs and returns citizens to vocational, social and recreational pursuits faster."

Don D
St. Catharines, ON

"Massage therapy helps many people manage chronic pain, pain related to repetitive strain, improves mobility and functional abilities, and can improve quality of life and become more functional in their daily activities."

Garo E
Maple, ON

"As a massage therapist, it is our duty to help clients through the recovery process, to achieve the end goal of a pain-free life. This is not a luxury, but an essential step towards an improved quality of health for all Canadians."

Cailey S

"Massage therapy is instrumental in getting people to notice and pay attention to the messages their body is sending them. Recognizing the first sign of an imbalance in our bodies is so important in preventing injury."

Kathryn L
Thunder Bay, ON

"Massage therapy helps expecting mothers during challenging pregnancies, elderly people and young children. It also helps people experiencing stress, anxiety and other mental health issues to relax and reduce stress levels."

Jessica C

"With massage therapy, the patient is relieved of pain, improves their flexibility and increase their range of motion which are all precursors for strengthening the muscles to return patients to their normal living."

Emerito R
Scarborough, ON

"Massage therapy has helped my patients in many ways, but one very special patient was my dad. He battled pancreatic cancer for over two years. Massage therapy played a big role in his health care in helping keep him comfortable."

Lisa J

"I am a Student Massage Therapist and in my limited clinical experience, I have seen clients who rely on the massage therapy services provided at the Student Clinic to be able to continue with meaningful work. "

Lois W

What is your RMT story?